Feelin' Festive

Feelin' Festive
  • Nov 01, 2017

  • Nov 30, 2017

  • Beachwalk Shopping Center

Event Details

HOLIDAY STARTS HERE! This November Beachwalk Shopping Center is still presenting “FEELIN’ FESTIVE” by highlighting the holiday as well as festive vibes and as usual Beachwalk Shopping Center has bunch of events and promo.

YOUR REWARDS, YOUR WAY! Not to be missed is Beachwalk "CORNER'S CLUB" – has just launched this year, a special loyalty card programme for Beachwalk Shopping Center’s loyal customers that lets them collect and redeem points with countless special gifts and fantastic vouchers. All you have to do to become a "CORNER'S CLUB" member is just simply do a single purchase of a minimum IDR 50,000 in a single receipt and redeem it at our Customer Service, level 1. Another advantage of having "CORNER'S CLUB" is, Customers are eligible to have it’s benefits not only in Beachwalk Shopping Center but also at all the Cornerstone malls, those are: fx Sudirman, Jakarta & 23Paskal, Bandung. In addition to customers who already posses "CORNER'S CLUB" can have the opportunity to win a lucky draw to 1 night stay at The ONE Legian Bali Hotel.

Don’t miss our festive events during November 2017. “BANTEN TOURISM WEEK 2017” event on 17th-19th November 2017 & “PEACE, LOVE & HARMONY” event  on 27th November – 3rd December 2017, Customers can very well informed and learn the experience of the rich of Indonesian traditions and culture. Moreover, there is “BALI ARCH FEST” event on 20th – 26th November 2017, that’s about creative sharing & architecture exhibition. All those events will be held at Beachwalk Fountain Stage, Level 1.

Bali Starts Here. Regularly, visitors always have a chance to be interactively relish the experience and learn more about Balinese culture exclusively from Ubud regency. Every Thursday at our Fountain Stage, level 1 Beachwalk has some variant performances, like Balinese Drama Musical, Bali traditional comedy, making the offerings and the making of Balinese traditional dessert called Jaja Bali. In addition to entertain our Customers, Beachwalk will also have regular “ACOUSTIC EVE” every Wednesday at 7PM . Moreover, there’s also another interactive event called “MEET THE BIRD STARS” will be held on 19th  November 2017 at Deck Stage Beachwalk level 1. Customers can meet and experience the interaction with the exotic birds by Bali Bird Park.

Check out Beachwalk Shopping Center new website with a fresh design and totally brand new concept. Several new features added to ease the Customer in accessing our website, such as an interactive floor map feature. Please access our website at www.beachwalkbali.com.

Beachwalk Shopping Center always presents the unique experiences for tourists and shoppers. The various monthly programs offer more attractions in Kuta and emphasizing the Beachwalk Shopping Center’s tagline, “Bali Starts Here”.



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